Bike Share

Louisiana State University has been taking steps toward becoming a more sustainable community in terms of transportation.  A two phase campaign entitled “Easy Streets”  has been in progress since 2005.  Phase 1 reduced on-campus vehicular traffic by 62%, and  phase II will aid pedestrians and bicyclists by adding shared vehicle/bike lanes, creating dedicated bike lanes, establishing traffic calming methods, and closing part of Tower Drive to traffic.  The 2011 Spring semester project aims to complement “Easy Streets” by promoting the establishment of a bike-share program at LSU, similar to that of Duke University, University of Alabama, Emory, and University of Chicago.  This project will focus on establishing bicycle rental stations at the outer edges of campus that will encourage automobile commuters to park further from campus, ride a bicycle to class, and reduce traffic on typically congested campus streets.  Reducing the amount of congestion will decrease the amount of time a vehicle spends in traffic releasing emissions.  Bicycles will be available to any student living on or off campus, and offer an alternative to automobiles as a main mode of transportation in their daily lives. In the future, not only would stations be on the external parking lots of campus but within the campus lending more opportunities for bike usage throughout the campus.


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